November 11, 2016

Ohio Child Drownings Up in Autumn

New data available from the USA Swimming Foundation shows that Ohio experienced two fatal child drownings during the month of September. So far in 2016, there have been 11 child drownings in Ohio, which is almost double their year-over-year total. Sadly, Ohio also ranks among the top 10 states for child drownings in 2016 and […]

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October 31, 2016

Interview with Pool Safely songwriter and performer Laurie Berkner

The Pool Safely song is on your new album – when did it come out? The new album is called Superhero and it was released on September 23rd of this year. I was so happy to be able to put “Pool Safely” on the album because I hope it will be a song that has […]

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October 28, 2016

Partner Spotlight: Interview with Connie Harvey, Director, Aquatics Centennial Initiatives, American Red Cross

Tell me a little bit about your organization and how long have you been a Pool Safely campaign partner? The American Red Cross has been the gold standard in lifesaving, water safety and swimming instruction since 1914. That’s when the Red Cross added the work of reducing drowning to its mission because of the rising […]

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October 3, 2016

Being At the Bottom of This List Is a Good Thing

During this past summer, tragedy struck in the majority of states in our country. These tragedies occurred when children fatally drowned in community pools, at backyard pool parties—and they were all preventable.  Six states experienced an especially fatal summer according to media reported drownings compiled by the USA Swimming Foundation. The grim list of warm-weather […]

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September 28, 2016

Texas Experiences Deadly Summer

Texas had at least nine media-reported fatal drownings in the month of August according to new data from the USA Swimming Foundation. Sadly, this same data show that Texas not only had the highest drowning rate in the month of August, but also for the entire year, with at least 35 drownings involving children younger […]

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September 21, 2016

The Benefits of a Pool Safely Partnership

Pool Safely partners are the lifeblood of the campaign. Without the shared voices of our partners tirelessly advocating for drowning prevention, we would not reach nearly as many parents, caregivers and members of the pool and spa industry with our critical safety messages. Pool Safely partners are national and local water safety organizations, family foundations, pool […]

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August 24, 2016

Act Like An Olympian – Take the Pool Safely Pledge

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among children ages 1 – 4 and the second leading cause of death in children 5 – 14 years old. However, fatal drownings are 100 percent preventable if we all work together and follow some simple water safety steps. So, join our nation’s greatest swimmers in the […]

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August 22, 2016

Pennsylvania Child Drownings Spike in July

As temperatures spiked in July, so did the number of fatal child drownings in Pennsylvania, according to news accounts gathered by the USA Swimming Foundation.

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August 16, 2016

Partner Spotlight: Interview with Alan Korn, Executive Director of Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation

An interview with Abbey’s Hope to learn more about their organization and the work they do to prevent drowning.

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