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Pool Safely Communications ToolkitThe CPSC offers a comprehensive library of brochures, reports, videos and checklists on pool and spa safety for the general public, state and local officials, national and regional safety groups and industry professionals.

We are utilizing these communications tools to ensure that our message reaches all of our audiences, allowing us to connect and share with every constituent and to ensure that everyone has access to useful information that could make a difference.

We encourage you to make copies of CPSC’s Pool Safely campaign materials, including brochures and tip cards, and distribute them at public pools and spas. Additionally, you can follow the Pool Safely campaign on Twitter.

Some links on this page are for websites outside of the federal government. CPSC does not control these external sites or their privacy policies and cannot attest to the accuracy of information they contain. You may wish to review the privacy policies of these sites as their information collection practices may differ from ours. Linking to these external sites does not constitute an endorsement of the sites or the information they contain by CPSC or its employees.

Video: Safety Steps for Families 2013

Pasos Simples para Familias 2013Teachkidsvid

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Kid Posters
These posters can be used in classrooms, store windows or at events to show support for the campaign and for Splish and Splash.
8” x 11”Available in English and Spanish









Guidance for Safety: The Pool and Spa Safety Act

Guidance for Safety: The Pool and Spa Safety ActThis tri-fold brochure is specially designed for pool operators and industry professionals to leave with their customers so they can learn more about the Pool Safely campaign and the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act.

Tips for Safety In and Around Water

This handy tip sheet provides tips for water safety in pools, spas and around the home. Print a copy and keep it in a handy location.

Tips for Safety In and Around Water

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Portable Pools

Fence Them! Cover Them! Put Them Away!

Portable Pool Tip CardThis tip card provides tips to consumers and anyone concerned about the increasing number of portable pools and how easily they can sometimes be accessed by small children.

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Pool Safely Campaign Partners Fact Sheet

The campaign combines the efforts of a wide variety of partnering organizations, including drowning prevention, water and children’s safety groups; industry leaders and the pool and spa community; and state and local entities involved in pool and spa regulation.

Pool Safely Partners Fact Sheet


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Simple Steps Save Lives Fact Sheet

Read about the Pool Safely campaign’s simple safety steps that save lives in and around the pool and spa.

Simple Steps Save Lives Fact Sheet

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Pool Safely Communications Toolkit

Image of Communications ToolkitThe Pool Safely campaign offers a variety of helpful campaign materials that will add to your existing company’s or organization’s communications. These include brochures, tip cards, stickers, vinyl signs, posters, advertisements and public service announcements to be used in local media markets. The Toolkit also provides a “how-to” kit for holding your own Pool Safely campaign event and excellent tips for engaging the media.

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Pool Safely Fact Sheet

Read the details about CPSC’s Pool Safely: Simple Steps Save Lives campaign.

Pool Safely Fact Sheet

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Neighborhood Safety Network Posters
NSN Posters – Drowning Prevention.
8.5” x 11”
Available in English and Spanish
Neighborhood Safety Network Poster

Neighborhood Safety Network Poster -  Spanish

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Home Safety Organizations

The following organizations work to support pool and spa safety, drowning prevention as well as general water safety. Visit these sites to learn more about their activities and events.

Other Federal Agencies

The following agency promotes healthy swimming recommendations for appropriate pool and hot tub/spa design. Visit this site to learn more about their activities and events.

Video PSA: Simple Steps Save Lives 2010

Pool Safely Video PSAsPaso Simples Salvan Vidas

Radio: Simple Steps Save Lives 2010

Paso Simples Salvan Vidas 2010 RadioIcon

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Guidance for Compliance

Guidance for Compliance

CPSC’s 8 training videos for proper inspection of pools and spas for compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act.

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Simple Water Safety Steps Can Save Lives – for Industry

Simple Water Safety Steps Can Save Lives- for IndustrySimilar to the industry brochure, this tip card is designed for industry and provides a brief description of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act and outlines important water safety steps.