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Pool Safely’s educational materials make it simple to share information about water safety that could save a life. Distribute the variety of items at public pools and spas and share them with friends and neighbors. To order campaign materials, click here.

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  • adult pledge.
    adult pledge.

    Adult Pledge Cards

    Take the Pool Safely Pledge at your events! Collect hard copy Pledge cards. Adults should keep the top half of the card and the bottom half should be sent back to CPSC.

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  • cover of the communications toolkit.
    cover of the communications toolkit.

    Communications Toolkit

    The campaign offers a variety of helpful educational materials to help educate adults and children on how to stay safer around the water. Materials include brochures, tip cards, stickers, posters, advertisements and public service announcements. The Communications Toolkit provides a “how-to” kit for holding your own water safety event and tips for engaging the media. Pool Safely partners will find the toolkit to be most useful.

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