April 17, 2017

Do Your Children Know How to Pool Safely?

After being cooped up for the winter months in heavy jackets, there’s nothing like the enjoyment of finally getting to spend time in the pool. However, it’s important that children are aware of how to be safer in and around water, which is why Pool Safely has an entire portion of our website on resources just for children.

“I know how to Pool Safely”

group of kids and laurie berkner in the pool safely song music video.

The Pool Safely song by Laurie Berkner is a great way to learn about water safety.

The Kids’ Corner offers educational videos and activities that children love, teaching them life-saving water safety skills. Kids can start off with some musical fun by singing and dancing to the Pool Safely song, created by nationally-recognized singer-songwriter Laurie Berkner. The song encompasses the four simple steps for staying safe around the pool and is a fun way for kids to memorize them all.

The Pool Safely App

illustration of a dog and cat at the pool.

Kids learn about water safety through “Adventures of Splish and Splash,” a fun and interactive game..

Worried about your child downloading violent, inappropriate games online?  If so, we’ve got a safer way to go. With the guidance of a parent or guardian, kids can enjoy a more positive, interactive experience by downloading the Pool Safely app, the “Adventures of Splish and Splash.” Kids play as Splash, a cat who needs help identifying unsafe actions. As Splash recognizes and follows water safety rules, he advances through the game. The game is a good way for kids to gain new and life-saving knowledge during quiet moments of the summer and be prepared the next time they are at a pool. The game is available for download through the iTunes App Store and Google play. Once your child has enjoyed the app, parents can print a Pool Safely campaign poster for coloring.

The Pool Safely Kid’s Pledge

graphic that kids sign agreeing to be safer around the pool.

Raise awareness about pool safety among kids by encouraging them to take the Pledge.

Another important and educational activity available in the Kids’ Corner that both parents and children can complete together is signing the Pool Safely Pledge. The Pledge has been taken more than 50,000 times, including by Olympians (such as five-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky) and professional athletes. The Pool Safely Pledge is available in English and Spanish, and can be taken any time of the year. Join the thousands of people who have been empowered to prevent pool drownings through the Pledge.