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Pool Safely’s educational materials make it simple to share information about water safety that could save a life. Distribute the variety of items at public pools and spas and share them with friends and neighbors.

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  • Summer 2017 Pool Safely Partner Toolkit
    Summer 2017 Pool Safely Partner Toolkit

    Summer 2017 Partner Toolkit

    Please download our Swim Season 2017 Partner Toolkit for the resources you need to spread the word about Pool Safely at summer events, on your website, on social media and/or during media interviews. Included are social media-ready images, as well as campaign messages and new data points you can copy and paste in your communications.

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  • splish and splash cards
    splish and splash cards

    App Download Cards

    Pocket sized cards feature details of how to download The Adventures of Splish and Splash, Pool Safely’s free smartphone app for Android and Apple devices.

    The interactive app helps your child learn what to do (and not to do) in and around pools and spas, all while earning points to move to the next level of the game.

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  • Homeowner packet
    Homeowner packet

    Homeowner Packets

    [OUT OF STOCK] These packets stuffed with Pool Safely materials are designed for real estate agents and home inspectors to share important water safety messages with their customers. One packet includes the Take the Pledge flier, a flier highlighting kid’s educational materials, Safety Barrier Guidelines booklet, portable pools tip card, education tip card and a Water Watcher card with lanyard. Limited quantity available.

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  • Reverse PSA ball in pool
    Reverse PSA ball in pool

    No Second Chances PSA

    Pool Safely’s newest PSA debuted during the Olympics! Didn’t catch it? Click below to view it and learn how simple safety steps can mean the difference between a close call and a call to 911.

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  • Video

    Faster Than a World Record PSA

    A child can drown in less time than it takes to set a world record. Always supervise children in and around the water, and designate an adult Water Watcher.

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  • Portable-Pool-Tip-Card-English_Page_1

    Portable Pool Tip Card

    This tip card offers safety tips specific to above-ground, portable pools.

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  • brochure artwork
    brochure artwork

    Consumer Educational Brochure: Simple Water Safety Steps Save Lives

    [OUT OF STOCK] This brochure is designed for consumers and provides a brief description of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act and outlines important water safety steps.

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  • PS splishsplash tattoo
    PS splishsplash tattoo

    Pool Safely Tattoos: Splish & Splash

    These temporary tattoos are popular with children and help spread the word about water safety. Available for ordering with the Splish and Splash characters.

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  • Pool-Safely-Song-and-Video

    Pool Safely Song and Video

    Teach your kids the 4 simple steps of water safety with this fun song written and performed by children’s recording artist Laurie Berkner.

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  • Beach Ball
    Beach Ball

    Mini Beach Balls

    [OUT OF STOCK] 6″ mini beach balls which feature the Pool Safely logo and url. To be used at water safety events in conjunction with other Pool Safely educational materials.

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