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Our collaborators help promote awareness of the Pool Safely campaign by mobilizing their networks. In return, CPSC helps cross-promote their brands. Become a collaborator today.

Campaign Safety Collaborators

Campaign Safety Collaborators (CSCs) are highly engaged in the campaign and are committed to promoting the Pool Safely campaign at a significant level.

Although specific activities vary by collaborator, in general, each CSC commits to the following: partnering with CPSC on specific events and announcements; lending the organization’s name and logo to campaign materials as needed; posting information about the campaign and a link to on their organization’s website; and sharing campaign information and resources with their networks, coalitions and local affiliates via a variety of channels, particularly social media.

Campaign Safety Collaborator Benefits

Pool Safely and its highest-level collaborators promote each other regularly, resulting in high visibility for both the campaign and the collaborator, and a powerful opportunity to raise awareness about pool and spa safety.

Becoming a Campaign Safety Collaborator

If you are interested in becoming a CSC, please e-mail:

Campaign Safety Leaders

Campaign Safety Leaders (CSLs) are helping to promote awareness of the Pool Safely campaign by mobilizing their memberships and networks, promoting campaign events and participating in as many campaign activities as they can, especially online and social media promotion.

CSLs help promote awareness of campaign messages and resources by mobilizing their membership and networks, promoting campaign events and participating in the following campaign activities as much as they can:

  • Distribute a press release about the Pool Safely campaign
  • Provide content about their water safety/drowning prevention events that can be used in the Pool Safely newsletter
  • Distribute information about the Pool Safely campaign to listservs, membership lists and relevant networks
  • Include an article about the Pool Safely campaign in a newsletter, magazine or other print/electronic publications
  • Post a link to the Pool Safely campaign online and/or embed a link to a Pool Safely video
  • Follow the @poolsafely Twitter feed and regularly retweet Pool Safely messages
  • Tag a Flickr photo of a water safety event with “Pool Safely
  • Co-brand any Pool Safely materials with your organization’s logo
  • Reference the Pool Safely campaign in a media interview
  • Sponsor the placement of a Pool Safely campaign billboard, bus side or bus shelter PSA
  • Attend an official campaign event
  • Host an event highlighting the Pool Safely educational materials and message
  • Organize a visit with local elected leaders to inform them about the Pool Safely campaign
  • Take and share the Pool Safely Pledge
  • Download and share the new Pool Safely app and listen to and share the Laurie Berkner Pool Safely song

Campaign Safety Leader Benefits

CSLs have a cross-promotional relationship with the Pool Safely campaign, including access to free educational materials and earned media opportunities as appropriate.

Become a collaborator

Campaign Safety Community

Members of our Campaign Safety Community (CSC) are involved in information sharing and may participate in certain campaign events as appropriate. Many members of the CSC cross-promote the campaign via social media as well.

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