Grantee Details

Grantee: City of Bridgeport, CT
Award Amount: $74,973.00
Project Description: The City of Bridgeport, Connecticut is receiving grant funds from CPSC for the purpose of the Bridgeport Water Safety Awareness Project.  Grant funds will be used to create a new program that expands on the City of Bridgeport’s current water safety education and compliance efforts, which include regular inspections of all public pools by city inspectors and on-site enforcement personnel that ensure compliance with current rules and regulations as well as free-to-the-public swimming instruction.

Grantee: District of Columbia Department of Health
Award Amount: $170,250.00
Project Description: The District of Columbia, Department of Health is receiving grant funds from CPSC for the purpose of the DC 2016 Pool and Spa Enforcement and Education Program.  Grant funds will be used to hire a pool safety officer to ensure that all licensed public pools and spas in the District are educated in compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Act. The award will also to train staff and develop inspection and injury reporting resources to ensure quality pool and spa site visits beyond the life of the grant. The award will also provide funding for an outreach program, multi-media and marketing campaign to educate residential pool and spa owners and service companies about the risks of child drowning and entrapment due to ineffective barriers and non-compliant drains.

Grantee: Florida Department of Health, Broward County
Award Amount: $250,000.00
Project Description: The Florida Department of Health in Broward County is receiving grant funds from CPSC to implement Broward County Pool Safely Program.  Grant funds will be used to provide enforcement and awareness training to increase the number of Broward County personnel trained to identify hazards related to public and private pool violations.  In addition, Broward County will also provide education about the VGB standards to pool construction and installation companies, pool service companies, and to pool owners, pool operators, and other members of the public about the standards under the swimming pool and spa safety law, and about the prevention of drowning or entrapment of children using swimming pools and spas.

Grantee: Florida Department of Health, Lake County
Award Amount: $155,061.00
Project Description: The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) in Lake County, FL, is receiving grant funds from CPSC to implement a Pool Safely Program in Lake County, Florida.  Grant funds will be used for training and education to prevent drowning and drain entrapment of children, in pools and spas in Lake County, Florida. The County will hire and train enforcement personnel and educate swimming pool professionals, families with children, and the general public about pool safety requirements in alignment with the enforcement, and educational requirements of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act.  Project activities are designed to assist the Lake County community in identifying and correcting safety hazards and to help pool and spa users avoid hazardous behaviors and conditions that may cause drowning or entrapment injury or death.

Grantee: City of Stamford, CT
Award Amount: $131,252.00
Project Description: The City of Stamford, Connecticut for Stamford’s Pool Safety Program.  Is receiving grant funds from CPSC to implement enforcement and education programs aimed at preventing the drowning and drain entrapments of children in pools and spas. The City of Stamford will partner with the Stamford Family YMCA to augment their current learn to swim curriculum with YMCA of the USA’s Safety Around Water program, increase the amount of youth receiving water safety education, and expand VGBA training and education opportunities for staff and Certified Pool Operators.