September 27, 2019

Behind the Scenes: Tia Mowry Urges Families to Pool Safely in New Video

video stills of Tia Mowry in her Pool Safely video.

Pool Safely is thrilled to collaborate with actress Tia Mowry on a new video that shares lifesaving water safety information with families across the country! The video follows Tia as she prepares to host a pool party for her young son and his friends in Los Angeles, California.

two different shots of a man holding a camera. food on a kitchen counter.

Throughout the day, the crew worked with Tia filming this new video in which Tia asks families to commit to these simple water safety steps before they swim again:

  1. Install proper barriers around the pool, including a pool cover, an alarm, and a 4-foot fence.
  2. Check that all pool drains are covered, and kids stay clear of underwater openings.
  3. Never let a child swim unsupervised and always designate an adult Water Watcher.
  4. All parents and children should learn how to swim.
  5. Take the Pool Safely Pledge.

We encourage you to watch the video below and to help spread the word about the simple steps that everyone can take to be safer in and around the water.