March 19, 2018

Challenge Your Kids to Win These 3 Games! The Adventures of Splish & Splash App Is Now Better Than Ever!

Planning a family road trip for spring break or summer vacation? Check out our Pool Safely app, The Adventures of Splish & Splash!  Pool Safely has just released a brand-new version, and it’s available for download (or update, if you have the old version), from the iTunes and Google Play stores. The app features three challenging games designed to teach kids and adults about water safety.

home screen of the new pool safely app.

Stay away from drains

app game where character must avoid the drain.

Help Splash doggy-paddle across the pool without touching any of the drains! Remember, when you see a pool drain, stay away. Drains, filters and other openings in the pool can create a powerful, dangerous suction.

Always swim with a Water Watcher

app game where characters must stay within the vision of an adult.

Splish and Splash know that it is important to go in or near the pool only when there is an adult Water Watcher nearby. Keep them swimming in the Water Watcher’s line of sight and score big points!

Never enter the pool alone

app game where character must go through appropriate gate.

Help Splish find her way to the pool by going through the pool gates that are opened by adults. She knows to go around the water only when there’s an adult nearby – not a kid or a monster!