May 29, 2017

#NotOneMore: Families United to Prevent Drowning

Losing a child is something no parent or family should ever experience. A coalition of families is tirelessly working together to prevent these tragedies. Families United to Prevent Drowning is the collective voice of moms, dads, sisters and brothers who have tragically lost or nearly lost a family member in a fatal or non-fatal drowning. Families United is committed to preventing tragedies in and around the water, and the organization is an invaluable Pool Safely partner.

Families United is a special organization that is inspiring the water safety community to do even more to save lives and help kids have fun in the pool. The group works at the community, state and national levels to educate kids and adults so that other families never experience a pool-related tragedy.

In striving to reach its goal of #NotOneMore child drowning, Families United welcomes any family who wishes to join, and the organization uses its platforms to elevate the messages of each member. This is accomplished through the Families United Facebook page and Twitter handle.

From advising families to wear life jackets and install proper fencing, to recommending that families designate a water watcher and learn CPR, Families United endeavors to raise awareness about how simple safety steps can help keep everyone safer in and around the water. Each member of Families United has a special way of sharing their story and educating ommunity about childhood drowning prevention, whether it’s through children’s books, a swim lesson, or a neighborhood party.

There are 34 members of Families United, which is sadly too many; and the number grows each year. This year, and every year, you can meet the members of Families United at the National Drowning Prevention Alliance’s (NDPA) annual conference, where they participate in a panel discussion, sharing their personal stories and honoring their children who were lost or injured in pool-related incidents.

Please visit the Families United Facebook page, read its members’ stories, and help them #stopdrowning so that #NotOneMore parent suffers the loss of their child.

families united logo.