November 8, 2019

How Can We Help You Save A Life? Introducing the new S.W.I.M. Tool

Safer Water Information Match

How can Pool Safely help you save a life? That is a question the Pool Safely campaign is always asking in an effort to work toward #notonemoredrowning.

If you have visited the Pool Safely homepage recently, you will notice that question is front and center with some new changes to the site. The campaign is pleased to unveil a new feature that connects you with the water safety resources you need most: our new Safer Water Information Match (S.W.I.M.).

Whether you are a parent, teacher, grandparent, a pool and spa pro, or a lawmaker in need of print or digital resources in English and Spanish or all the above, this new and brief Pool Safely campaign tool will help equip you with the materials and information you need to keep everyone safer in and around the water.

The new S.W.I.M. functionality is simple. Select and click the boxes that best describe your needs and instantly you will be presented with a list of recommended resources, hand-picked for you, from the campaign.

Whether it is one of our informative blog posts, free educational materials, or the Pool Safely Simple Safety steps, our goal is always to provide life-saving resources tailored to you.

With Pool Safely, CPSC believes that by learning the simple safety steps and sharing vital water safety information with the community, we can save a life. You never know which step will save a life – until it does.

Learn, share, save. Together, we can reduce the number of tragic of child drownings.